Lisa Boneham

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About Lisa Boneham

Lisa Boneham serves in Public Relations for Angela Drum Team Realtors, where she promotes the team and builds partnerships throughout North Carolina. After graduating from Miami University in Oxford Ohio with a degree in Marketing, Lisa worked in Sales, Marketing, Consulting, and Project Management. Lisa has always played a big role in her community as an avid school volunteer with 4 children, Lisa has given back by serving through multiple PTA positions, founding Booster Clubs, taking on a Board Member role, and coordinating local sports teams.

Sharing our team’s commitment to family & community, compassion for others, and caring for the individual makes Lisa a tremendous addition to the team as the newly instated Public Relations & Marketing Director. “I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with industry and community partners in new ways through this role.”

Lisa and her husband Chris live in North Raleigh and have 4 children: Cassidy resides in Nashville Tennessee, Connor is living and working in Conway SC, Clay is a Junior at NC State University, and Chandler is a Freshman at NC State University.